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It’s not until we are pushed that the fluff and baggage get blown off us - and in that raw state we discover our core again - and that core is strong. It just sometimes takes a while to find it in ourselves.
Bear Grylls

I ran my first 5k distance during my morning run today. Made it 3.12 miles in 40:46 with a 13’03” avg pace. Took walk breaks at 1 mile, 2 miles and 2.5 miles. Plan to do the same route on Thursday morning varying the walk breaks and seeing if I can shave some time off my avg pace. First real race is less than 3 weeks away!


Last night’s run:

C25K W4D2

2.19 miles

33 mins

In last minute of last run interval I started having some pain in the muscle or tendon that wraps around my right hip/pelvis. It’s not a sharp pain, so I don’t think I tore anything, but I definitely inflamed something. I think it is from the times I ran on the road rather than the sidewalk, due to the slight dip for drainage. Put some Icy Hot on it, but that hasn’t really helped. Will ice it tonight and tomorrow. If it still hurts tomorrow, then will postpone that run until Friday or Saturday. Hopefully it won’t mess up my training schedule too much.

I think I have picked out my first 5K to run. I will finish the C25K training on June 20th, so I am looking at a race that takes place August 3rd. That should give me time to go from training for distance to training for time. Of course, no matter what my time is for that race, it will be a victory for me since it will be my first road race :)

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Today is Week 4 Day 2 of the Couch-to-5K program I am following. This past Sunday was W4D1 and was the first time I had to pause the app to walk for a minute before resuming. Hoping tonight I can make it thru without pausing.


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A new follower is always greatly appreciated!


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